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How to Find a Creative and Competent Preschool Program for Your Child in 3 Steps

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As a parent, you are likely concerned about how your young child will progress in terms of education. Even though college may be a long way off, starting on educational opportunities as early as possible can have lifelong effects on your child’s learning abilities.

Something as simple as a preschool program can even produce major results when your child enters kindergarten by giving him or her the skills needed to succeed. Of kindergarten teachers surveyed, 46% reported that around half the students in their classes couldn’t follow directions, 36% lacked certain early childhood academic skills, and 34% said their students had trouble working independently. Preschool programs, especially those that are among the most creative and competent, can help children learn some early childhood skills that will better prepare them for elementary school.

If you’re looking for a creative and competent preschool program that will allow your children to learn through play, here are three things you should consider on your search.

  1. Do your research. As a parent, you will likely be inundated with information about local preschool programs. Find out which ones are closest to you. Think about the commute time if you will have to drop your child off, and make sure that the school has the hours that you need for your schedule. If you’re also looking for a Pre-K program in addition to regular preschool learning, then look at settings where your child will experience both.
  2. Compare programs. Unfortunately, not all preschool programs are created equally. If you’re looking for a creative and competent prekindergarten education for your children, you’ll want to ensure that all teachers are properly trained and certified. You may also need to look into the curriculum that each school offers, so you’ll know exactly what your child will be learning and what resources he or she will have to learn and grow. Therefore, if you’re looking for an art and music-related program for your child, then you’ll want to find schools with these kinds of creative learning opportunities.
  3. Schedule a visit. Finally, once you’ve narrowed down a program or a couple of programs that you and your child would be interested in, make sure you set up an appointment for you and your child to visit the school. This gives your daughter or son the chance to interact with other students and see the classroom. It also lets you meet with the faculty and staff and ask questions about your child’s educational opportunities.

Have more questions about getting your child the right head start through prekindergarten education? Make sure to talk to an educational professional, and leave your comments and suggestions below, too.

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