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Benefits of Corporate Early Child Care Programs

Early child care programs are essential for the proper learning and development of your child. Research has demonstrated over and over again much happens in the first years of a child?s life. For example, an average 4-year-old will ask 437 questions throughout the course of a day. The average 2-year-old learns five new words every day. You want your child…

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An Investment in Future Academic Success — Early Learning Programs and Their Efficacy

For parents, one of the key priorities is to ensure that their children receive quality education, and grow and develop properly in every way. While for many, school is the place where education begins, studies and experience have shown that there might be significant advantages for children who are signed up for early learning. The human brain can reach up…

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Four Advantages of Obtaining Your Masters Degree

A masters degree in education may not seem like a big deal, but there are instances when it could make a world of difference in your personal life, financial life and your career. In 2014 about 21 million people attended some sort of college or university for some sort of higher education. While any college education is beneficial, achieving your…

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3 Ways Preschool Can Jumpstart Your Child’s Education

When you’re a new parent, deciding whether or not to send your child to preschool can be an overwhelming decision. While you might be leaning towards waiting until kindergarten to begin the schooling process, you should at least consider the numerous advantages to starting your child early. Preschool can be a wonderful experience for your child and even improve their…

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