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Benefits of Corporate Early Child Care Programs

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Early child care programs are essential for the proper learning and development of your child. Research has demonstrated over and over again much happens in the first years of a child?s life. For example, an average 4-year-old will ask 437 questions throughout the course of a day. The average 2-year-old learns five new words every day. You want your child to spend time with caring people that will answer those questions and encourage vocabulary development.

By the time a child is three years old, he will have developed over 1,000 trillion connections in his brain. This is twice as many connections as the average adult. Age two is typically the most active year in a human?s life. Children learn more in their first five years of life than during any other period of life. Based on this information, it is essential that your child has a solid foundation during these formative years.

National statistics show that over 80% of kids spend at least some time in daycare by age 4. Many parents may feel cautious about putting their child in daycare, which is one of the reasons corporate daycare facilities are so desirable. Parents with young children will view on-site childcare as a significant benefit, and it will create stiff competition for open positions.

Corporate daycare facilities are sponsored or subsidized by a company and exclusively available for the employees of that company. These daycare facilities are on-sight, which means that parent can be called down if there is a problem with the child, or the parent has the freedom to check in on their child during breaks. It also allows parents to get to know the other kids in the daycare and the other parents.

For the most part, corporate childcare centers are set up and run by independent contractors that provide all the staff and curriculum used. Employers typically subsidize the cost of the daycare facility, so parents don?t have to pay so much for childcare. Companies with onsite childcare often provide it as a free benefit to their employees.

The benefits of providing an early learning center for children
on-site are clear for both the employers and the employees. Providing on-site daycare makes the employer more desirable to potential employees that have young children. Providing early child care programs also dramatically increases retention because the parents don?t want to lose that. Additionally, it increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

Nationally, the cost of having two children in daycare is more than the median amount of rent in every state according to research conducted by Child Care Aware of America. Parents in the United States have to assume 90% of all child care costs, which takes a significant chunk out of their income. Many parents are faced with having to decide if they can afford to continue working due to the cost of childcare.

Early child care programs sponsored by businesses for their employees significantly increases employee loyalty, improves concentration and focus, and decreases the length of maternity leave. Having their children cared for on-site, provides parents with the relief they need to concentrate on their work. It also reduces employee stress by reducing drive time and running around in the morning, which typically comes with having to get children to daycare before work.

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