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5 Signs of a Good Special Needs School

Teaching special needs children can be difficult, there’s no denying that. But finding the right special education programs for kids can make all the difference in their development and behavior, whether they’re dealing with mild learning differences, severe autism, or anything in between. How can you, as a parent, find the best schools for children with special needs? Here are…

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Louisiana Hopes to Improve State Early Child Care Programs With a New Rating System

Early child education is almost universally supported by teachers, parents and family advocates. Unfortunately, across the United States, these early child programs are being targeted by funding cuts and other restrictions as states try to fix holes in their budgets. Often, this makes it increasingly difficult for low-income families to find and access the child care assistance they need to…

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3 Places to Have Your Child’s Birthday Party

A birthday celebration is a fun time for everyone who attends. It’s always nice to make the day extra special for the person having a birthday. If you have time to plan ahead, you can custom order birthday shirts that everyone at the party can wear. Decorations are a must for most birthday parties, and they can tend to get…

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