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What Is Your Child Doing This Summer? Top 4 Summer Camp Options

How Choosing Between Preschool Options Can Help Prepare You for Summer Camp Most of us have been there. Choosing between preschool options is difficult. This is partly because preschool can be such an integral part of a child’s growth and development, as the birth to age three period involves the most development in the human life. Plus, it can have…

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Talented Teen? Consider These Alternative Educational Opportunities

It can be difficult to foster a child?s athletic or performance abilities with the demands of high school. High school requires a full time schedule, plus additional time for homework, studying, and other extra curricular activities. In many cases, your teen is required to put their hobby or skill to the side, only practicing during the summers or once they…

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5 Advantages of the Tech High School Academic Model

Traditional high school does not work for everyone. Some teenagers struggle to succeed in an eight or nine hour school setting. They are forced to take classes that they do not understand or cannot focus their attention on. They are forced to drop out because of poor grades or attendance rates, and their college and career opportunities are limited. What…

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