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What Is Your Child Doing This Summer? Top 4 Summer Camp Options

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How Choosing Between Preschool Options Can Help Prepare You for Summer Camp

Most of us have been there. Choosing between preschool options is difficult. This is partly because preschool can be such an integral part of a child’s growth and development, as the birth to age three period involves the most development in the human life. Plus, it can have a huge effect on their future education and, in some cases, even who they will grow to become. In fact, roughly 80% of children who participate in high quality preschool education programs outperform their peers, who did not participate in such early care and education programs.

We know that most children aged five in younger attend some sort of preliminary education program. And, as a result, we put a lot of effort into choosing between preschool options. And, later, we put the same effort into choosing a summer camp. Like choosing preschool options and top notch day care, choosing a summer camp can largely impact our children and their experiences. It is therefore important to weigh different options and make smart decisions.

Some of the Most Popular Options for Summer Camp

  • Religious Camps. Choosing the right summer camp for your child should essentially revolve your values as a parent, as well as what your child values. Many children attend and enjoy various Vacation Bible Schools offered at churches. Other camps vary depending on the religion of the children. They generally help educate children of religion with methods that are more tailored to a child’s way of learning. Children will also typically participate in generic camp activities, such as outdoor games and arts and crafts.
  • Academic Camps. For those more academically inclined, choosing a camp based on a child’s academic interests may be a better fit. Some children simply love to learn and it’s never too early to expand on their education. Like preschool, this can have a huge effect on the future of a child’s education. Camps can focus on any of a number of topics, from archaeology and astronomy to journalism and marine science. Children attending such camps are more likely to obtain a real-world hands on experience than they would in school.
  • Adventure Camps. Adventure camps are another fantastic option, particularly for children who love to spend time outside and getting their hands dirty. These camps tend to allow children to go backpacking and biking, or even learn survival skills. With such a priceless experience, children are likely to love the adventure and remember their experience for the rest of their lives.
  • Sports Camps. Children more athletically inclined may prefer to attend a sports camp. Similar to how academic camps allow children to strengthen their educational skills, sports camps allow those with athletic abilities to hone specific skills for their preferred sport. They provide children with the opportunity to spend their time focused on improving their fencing skills or decreasing their swim times. Regardless of the sport, there is likely a camp out there designed for it!

Choosing Child Care Is An Important Decision

And this is especially true for preschool options and summer camps. Your child will be left with other campers and adults at the camp you chose. As a result, the camp you choose and the trusted child care professionals working there are likely to have a huge influence on your child. Thus, it is important to strongly weigh all options, decide on your values, and pick a camp that your child will love. By choosing the perfect camp, you can ensure that both you and your child can enjoy the perfect summer!

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