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Online, Blended Schools Among Non-Traditional Learning Options

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Choosing the right school for your children can be tough. Some children have issues, whether they be physical or mental, that make being in a traditional classroom difficult. In these situations, parents may want to work with the local school district to come up with an alternative plan. Most school districts, especially ones in larger cities, have experience with these situations and are more than willing to help work with parents to come up with a plan that will suit their child.

In most public and even many private schools, classes are large, and one teacher may be responsible for 25 students are more. This can mean a student with issues doesn’t get the attention that he or she needs. In such a situation, the school can make accommodations for that student. For example, the student may spend some class time in a different setting, either working on his or her own or working with some kind of educational specialist.

Another option, if it is available, is for students to attend blended learning schools. In blended learning schools, students are allowed quite a bit of leeway in how they go about their studies. The curriculum usually is student-directed, allowing the student to work at his or her own pace. Blended learning schools usually offer a mix of online high school classes and some face-to-face interaction with teachers, either in a classroom or at a student’s home. While this approach can not only benefit students with problems, it also can be an approach for high achievers, allowing those students to accelerate their education. Blended learning does have the support of both teachers and parents, with more than half of teachers saying that students are more motivated in blended learning environments.

A third non-traditional school option is a virtual school, such as a virtual high school. An online high school diploma, as long as it is from an accredited online high school, is just as legitimate as one from a regular school, and the environment allows students to work at their own pace. Though a blended school may be a better approach, such environments are less available. About two-thirds of states have an online school, but only one-third have a blended option. As with the other options an online school can be good not only for students with problems that prevent them from excelling in a traditional environment, but it also can be good for highly gifted students or those who are seriously into an activity, such as sports or acting, that makes attending regular school difficult.

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