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What You Need to Know About Tattoo Education

With about 14% of Americans having at least one tattoo, and tattoos becoming more accepted, there’s never been a better time to get into the industry. Now that tattoos are common and mostly accepted, people have started to branch out and push the envelope further, which is making for an interesting time to be a tattoo artist. There are now…

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5 Things That Make or Break a Preschool Education

About 95% of a child’s brain is developed before the age of 6. In fact, between the ages of 3 and 5, a child’s vocabulary grows by 300% and they develop the capacity to create complex thoughts on their own, which is the foundation of everything they will learn for the rest of their lives. Because children undergo so much…

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Every Parent Should Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Preschool

Every parent wants to prepare their children to lead successful and fulfilling lives. One consideration that many parents have in order to give their kids the best odds is whether or not to send them to preschool. Studies show that children who participate in early education have better test scores in school and even have higher rates of achieving college…

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You Need to REad This Before Enroling Your Child For School

Private middle schools are just that: private. So, many parents are alarmingly undereducated about this incredibly important option for their children, and we aim to shed a little light on the more pertinent facts. Private schools don’t have to break the bank. The most common stereotype about private schools in general is that they are expensive. But just like college,…

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Childcare and workplace productivity, Childcare options for working parents, Workplace-funded childcare

How Companies Benefit from Offering Onsite Childcare

The benefits that children receive from being in a child care program are clear. The first few years of anyone’s life are the most critical in learning development. Children can assimilate more information than at any other point in their lives. Two year old children lean an average of five words a day and are the most active they have…

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