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You Need to REad This Before Enroling Your Child For School

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Private middle schools are just that: private. So, many parents are alarmingly undereducated about this incredibly important option for their children, and we aim to shed a little light on the more pertinent facts.

Private schools don’t have to break the bank.

The most common stereotype about private schools in general is that they are expensive. But just like college, there are financial aid options offered by many schools. Plus, a private school education could pay off come college, as there are a number of scholarships for alumni of certain schools (yes, even middle schools!). Research your school’s name and “financial aid” or “scholarship” to see what options can be found, or simply call the school and they will happily provide the information.

Nearly six million students attend private schools in the United States.

Your child will have no shortage of peers, as private schools account for nearly a quarter of K-12 educational facilities in the U.S. But at the same time…

Private school students get more personalized education, thanks to a small student-to-teacher ratio.

Most private middle schools hold less than 300 students, which means there are enough teachers to go around (a growing problem in public middle schools and high schools is the lack of qualified teachers for overcrowded schools). This means that your child’s teacher can focus more individualized attention on your child. This is ideal, since public schools’ cookie-cutter style of education often leaves behind students who simply have a different learning style.

Thanks to this adaptability, more students can excel in honors programs, Advanced Placement, and other preparatory academy programs

Private school teachers are well-qualified.

… And along with the personalized care, students already receive more motivated, professional teaching. Most private school teachers hold advanced degrees in their area of study. Because Private school teachers are better paid, their sense of value translates into providing valuable education to their students.

Private schools are diverse.

Yet another stereotype is that private schools are elitist and resist diversity. This is simply untrue, as many private schools have enforced diversity initiatives since the 80s and accept any qualified candidates. The only thing holding anyone back from applying for a private school is paperwork!

Private schools are more secure.

Most schools have zero tolerance policies in regards to their code of conduct. A small student body means it’s easier to catch illicit activity before it becomes a serious problem. Likewise, staff can more easily apprehend unfamiliar or suspicious figures before they come anywhere near the students, something especially comforting in today’s fearful environment.

The state of the world is a scary one, and more people are clamoring for education reform. While progress is good, the process can be messy and may come at the expense of a generation’s well being. In the end, a private school might be the shield needed to keep us from having our own Lost Generation.

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