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Tattoo Schools vs a Traditional Tattoo Apprenticeship

Tattooing is an extremely skilled profession that takes a great deal of artistic talent, dedication and hard work. In order to become a tattoo artist, a person needs to go through rigorous training to learn the proper techniques and safety procedures required to be a successful professional. Traditionally, an aspiring tattoo artist would have to seek an apprenticeship from a…

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Three Reasons Every Child Needs a Preschool Education

You’re about to take your child to one of the local day care centers. Yet, you might not have asked yourself one critical question: at what age can my child start preschool? The best age for your child to start preschool is between three and five years. As such, there is no specific rule on when to start the journey.…

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Find Engaging After School Activities for Your Children

Are you concerned that your children grow up to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted individuals? In addition to developing proper social skills and problem-solving abilities through quality schooling, you may want to consider enrolling them in activities for after school programs for kids. Activities that provide an outlet for physical exertion can bring about important benefits of after school programs.…

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Four Features to Look For When Choosing the Right Fine Art College

Currently, there are approximately 700 accredited art and design colleges located across the country. Of this number, you’ll apply to a handful — and will ultimately choose to attend just one to get your graphic design training. If it sounds intimidating, that’s because it is — many high school students feel frustrated when making their college choice, especially when they…

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