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Four Features to Look For When Choosing the Right Fine Art College

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Currently, there are approximately 700 accredited art and design colleges located across the country. Of this number, you’ll apply to a handful — and will ultimately choose to attend just one to get your graphic design training.

If it sounds intimidating, that’s because it is — many high school students feel frustrated when making their college choice, especially when they want to study anything art-related!

To make sure you apply to all the best fine art colleges throughout your senior year, be sure to read these four criteria that are essential when anyone chooses a college:

A wide selection of majors and degree programs

Did you know that nearly 75% of all college students will change their major at some point in their college careers? Because of this, your ideal fine art colleges should offer a good variety of arts-related majors — because you can never predict if you will end up switching your major from 3D computer animation to video game art.

World-class faculty with real-world experience

A college’s prestige and reputation doesn’t mean much if it isn’t staffed with professors who are both qualified and passionate about teaching their students. Ideally, fine arts colleges should provide a list of their faculty and a brief description of their achievements and qualifications — be sure to check them out.

A thriving campus community and atmosphere

For many students, the college choice is made as soon as they visit the colleges they’re considering applying to. The atmosphere and “feel” of a campus can tell you a lot about a college’s students and their values. In addition, you can see if the campus has any clubs or groups you’d be interested in joining as a student there.

A reputation for academic excellence

While it’s true that reputation isn’t the only thing you should consider when making your college choice, you shouldn’t completely ignore a school’s reputation either. Some good resources are the College Board’s website, the Princeton Review and other college ranking sites that feature student reviews of colleges.

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