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Common Misconceptions Around Private Elementary Schools

Many studies suggest that private schools have beneficial lasting benefits on a child. Parents may be hesitant to enroll their child into private elementary schools for many reasons, with price being the biggest downside. However, children who attend private elementary schools have shown to be successful throughout their entire academic career. They have even shown to succeed in other areas…

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5 Features Your Church Website Needs to Have

These days, church websites are a must. In order to interact with your current congregation and engage new potential members, you need to have excellent church website design that looks appealing and creates a great experience for visitors. But rather than focusing on cutting-edge components or slick visuals, it’s important to focus on some core features that will help make…

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Are Your Teens Doing Too Much? Finding the Right Balance for Extracurricular Activities

Is your high school student seriously stressed out? Recent studies show that about 20% of all high school juniors and seniors report that they feel depressed, but the cure might be to spend more time outdoors and to play sports more often. The health benefits of playing sports are widely known, but students who are active in school sports could…

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