Childcare and workplace productivity, Childcare options for working parents, Workplace-funded childcare

How Companies Benefit from Offering Onsite Childcare

The benefits that children receive from being in a child care program are clear. The first few years of anyone’s life are the most critical in learning development. Children can assimilate more information than at any other point in their lives. Two year old children lean an average of five words a day and are the most active they have…

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Childcare and workplace productivity, Finding a pa daycare, Pa daycare

The Top 3 Benefits of Corporate Childcare

Corporate childcare has become a more and more sought-after job perk in recent years. Being able to have their children in the same building as them is a huge benefit, especially for first-time moms. Employers have also seen great results by providing childcare resources to their employees. With it’s numerous perks for every person involved, corporate childcare is a no-brainer.…

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