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The Top 3 Benefits of Corporate Childcare

How to find a daycare

Corporate childcare has become a more and more sought-after job perk in recent years. Being able to have their children in the same building as them is a huge benefit, especially for first-time moms. Employers have also seen great results by providing childcare resources to their employees. With it’s numerous perks for every person involved, corporate childcare is a no-brainer. Read on for a few of the biggest benefits of this job perk.

Increased Productivity

Employers with onsite childcare have found that the employees who don’t have to worry about where their child is and whether or not they’re safe are more productive, take less days off, show increased employee loyalty and retention, and have better concentration on tasks.

Close Proximity

Having childcare at work means that if your child gets sick or needs you for some reason, you’re in the same building, rather than across town. If you’re a new or first-time mom, you can also easily go and check on your child during breaks or lunches. Nothing beats that convenience!

They’re Learning

A child absorbs more information within the first few years of their life than they will ever be able to at one time again. Since statistics show the about 80% of children spend some time in daycare by the age of four, they’ll be able to learn and share experiences with children their age. It can stimulate more connections and learning than if they were on their own all the time, which can be a huge benefit once they begin school.

Finding a daycare can be difficult, but why make it harder than it needs to be? Corporate childcare is an easy and beneficial option for both you and your child. Do you have any experience with this? What are your thoughts?

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