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Aba therapy, Working with special needs

Using ABA Therapy: What Is It, and What Can It Do?

One of the most common ways autism centers help children with special needs is through ABA therapy — applied behavioral analysis. Here’s what you should know about it. What Does ABA Therapy Do? Essentially, ABA is a discipline. It employs objective data to drive the decision about an individual’s program, as each special needs child has his or her own…

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Aba therapy, Applied behavior analysis, Working with special needs

5 Signs of a Good Special Needs School

Teaching special needs children can be difficult, there’s no denying that. But finding the right special education programs for kids can make all the difference in their development and behavior, whether they’re dealing with mild learning differences, severe autism, or anything in between. How can you, as a parent, find the best schools for children with special needs? Here are…

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