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An Investment in Future Academic Success — Early Learning Programs and Their Efficacy

Child development

For parents, one of the key priorities is to ensure that their children receive quality education, and grow and develop properly in every way. While for many, school is the place where education begins, studies and experience have shown that there might be significant advantages for children who are signed up for early learning. The human brain can reach up to 95% of its total size by the time children reach their sixth year, and it is this impressionable age that pre-kindergarten early learning programs try and make the most of.

An essential part of child development is all-round learning. This usually starts from a very early age and is helped along by interactions, activities and careful effort on the part of parents. Early education serves to improve and enhance this learning, and make children ready for their school years by preparing them in more ways than one. Studies show that most children who take part in early learning programs later outshine those peers who have not enjoyed them, which is prompting parents to seriously consider early education for their children.

There are several tangible benefits to be had from early education which parents should consider. These include –

  • Language Skills and Speech – Early learning programs often focus on developing strong language skills for children. Between the ages of three and five, the vocabulary of children can increase to up to three times its size, and their sentences also become more well thought-out and complex. This is a great time to receive additional language education, in terms of language skills and better speech. Children who enroll in early learning programs are more likely to speak with better understanding and articulation and have better vocabulary going into their schooling.
  • Analytical Abilities – Pre-school education includes basic math, and for many children, this is the time when their analytical brains start to evolve. Basic activities such as counting and simple mathematical operations are usually taught through fun activities, leaving much more of an impression on a young mind. This way, children become better prepared for the future.
  • Other Skills – While early learning is beneficial for developing basic language and math skills, its efficacy is not limited there. There are quite a few other advantages that can be had from enrolling your child in such a program. Solo and group activities in these programs encourage your child to develop the spirit of teamwork and leadership, and does wonders for the development of effective communication skills. Also, many activities involve significant physical participation, which enhances motor functions and helps your child improve coordination and movement. Social skills also start developing at this point, and this is all part of the all-round learning and development that parents always want.

Taking your child to an early learning program should not be a difficult choice, if you want them to have a head start in the world of learning and development. All it takes is finding the right early learning program in your locality.

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