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All Your Child Needs is Love and a Good Education

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A child’s early education and development are very important in the process of ensuring a healthy, well-rounded individual as he or she grows to adulthood. Of course there are plenty of different thoughts and theories on the best way to educate young children, but what should be kept in mind is that every single person on this planet has a different learning style. And kids especially are incredibly resilient and adept at adapting. If the perfect preschool or half-day kindergarten or daycare was not chosen for a child, chances are that child is going to be just fine, as long as he or she is receiving ample love, support, and guidance.

Full-day or half-day kindergarten?
It is far too easy to get caught up in all the different choices and arguments for or against particular early learning programs or child development methods. And these choices are certainly important, but getting your child into the most prestigious full-day kindergarten as opposed to the decent half-day kindergarten down the street is not going to be a deal breaker for your child’s success. There can be pros and cons for every early learning or enrichment program, and you should be considering them on the basis of what is best for you child, your budget, and your family in general, not just what the latest popular place seems to be.

Watching your child learn, grow, and develop
It is amazing how quickly humans learn, from the moment we are born, taking in all of the new things around us. Those first few years are full of a rapidly developing sense of understanding, whether there is structured education occurring or not. A child between the ages of three years old and five years old can build up his or her vocabulary from about 900 words to more than 2,500 words. During that time the child will use those new words to string together sentences that are longer and more complex. Taking advantage of early learning opportunities can also boost not only the child’s vocabulary, but many other skills as well. One analysis of about 120 different studies showed that somewhere around 80% of young children who were able to participate in good early education and development programs were able to perform better than their young peers who did not have those same opportunities.

Educate early, but hold off on the technology
In today’s world, it is hard to imagine that a single person would go much time at all without interacting with some form of technology or another. But human beings weren’t meant to be born staring at machines and screens and digital images, so the young brain of a baby or toddler develops in a way that is best left devoid of that technology. In fact, the American Association of Pediatrics recommends that children do not watch any screen media before the age of two years old. Recent studies have shown that those kids who have had substantial amounts of screen time during these crucial developmental periods have a more limited understanding and perception of the world around them.

Parents have plenty to worry about when it comes to making the right decisions for their children. But knowing that education, love, and support are the key building blocks to a child’s success is the most important thing.

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