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Interested in Tattoos? Becoming a Tattoo Apprentice Can Give You a Career in Tattoos

There was a time when getting tattoos was a difficult and painful proposition, available to only people with certain professions. The crude methods made only rudimentary designs possible, and it was a rare thing for someone to have a tattoo. Over time, both the technology and the attitude of people has changed towards this form of body art, and now…

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Austrian Tattoo Artists Gives Free Tattoos — as Long as They Fit This Criteria

In Austria, one tattoo artist is putting his tattoo education to use for a good cause by offering free tattoos. However, he has only one condition for these tattoos to be free: the designs must promote ending racism. According to a July 28 BBC article, Alex Smoltschnik, whose Pride and Glory tattoo studio is based in the southern city of…

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