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3 Ways Preschool Can Jumpstart Your Child’s Education

Updated 9/28/2021

Preschool is a great way to get small children ready for their educational careers! If you are a first-time parent, choosing a preschool for your child can be an intimidating prospect. There are so many options at so many price points and the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best. You might also be unsure at what age does a child go to preschool. Often, this can be different from area to area. So if you’re looking into articles for parents of preschoolers, make sure that they apply to your region.

choosing a preschool

At what age can my child start preschool? That is both a legal and personal question. If your child is ready for school and past the legal age, they can attend. However, preschool is often not compulsory. So, your child might wait just a little while in order to get an even better preschool experience. A good preschool experience will set the foundation for future school years, so it is important that children are excited and involved. Look at the preschools in your area to find out at what age can child start preschool and which school would be best.

Why Preschool Is Beneficial for Children

While you might be leaning towards waiting until kindergarten to begin the schooling process, you should at least consider the numerous advantages to starting your child early. Preschool can be a wonderful experience for your child and even improve their chances of educational success in the future. Here are a few benefits of choosing pre-k education for your child:

Better test scores

On average, children who attend preschool perform 21% better on kindergarten math and reading tests than their classmates who did not attend. Preschool students have a bit of a headstart on learning basics such as ABC’s and counting. There are more academic benefits than simply improved test scores too. Preschool attendance has been reported to lead to higher graduation rates and grade level retention.

Improved social skills

In the preschool classroom, your child will be exposed to a lot of new kids and will learn how to interact with them. Not only will they become more adept at socializing, they will hopefully make new friends who will attend the same kindergarten, easing the transition from preschool to elementary school.

More prepared for school

Perhaps the biggest perk of attending preschool is that it teaches your child how to behave in a classroom setting, something that regular childcare cannot do. They’ll learn how to be quiet when the teacher is speaking, how to raise their hand, how to work in groups and how to respect their classmates. Preschool is also a chance for your child to practice being without you for a full day as well as learn behavior management.

It’s also interesting to look at studies that analyze the effect of preschool on someone’s adult life. Researchers have found early education correlates with better pay jobs, less chance of ending up on welfare and decreased crime. Sending your child to preschool could not only impact their years in elementary school but also their years in middle school and high school and even as an adult.

When it comes to choosing your child’s preschool, you have plenty of options from private school to public school to a special preparatory academy. There are pluses and minuses to each but ultimately you have to select what is based for your child’s and your family’s specific needs and budget. Building a solid foundation for your child’s education at a young age is fundamental in setting them up for success down the road. Preschool can be a great way to start laying the groundwork for greater things to come!

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