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Why Should You Take Your Child To A Painting Or Music Class?

Appropriate activities

What kind of creative learning environment are you giving your child? While children can grow in a variety of ways with uninterrupted playtime and stimulating toys, a positive learning environment with long-lasting impact is one that offers consistent social and artistic growth. The arts, ranging from writing to painting, are an incredibly important foundation for any developing child and should be implemented into their daily life to better encourage a creative mind.

Humanities Funding In The U.S.

It’s been found that students who regularly study and engage with art are three to four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and routine school attendance. The federal funding for arts and humanities in the United States garners over $200 million per year in painting, band, sculpting and dancing programs. An off-key voice or unsteady hand is not a lack of talent, but rather a young imagination blossoming in real-time!

Art And Music

The visual arts are the second most popular type of art programs in preschools and elementary schools, preferred at 19% with voice and instrument training leading at 36%. Students who participate in the arts at an average of three hours daily each week were four times more likely to be recognized for an achievement or presented with an essay or poem related award than those who did not. Children can grow to even prefer art as a career down the road, as its been found that many professional graphic designers and animators drew and painted at a young age.

Reading And Spelling

Children by the age of four should know around 12 to 15 letters of the alphabet. While most children learn how to comfortably read by the age of seven, your toddler should be well on their way to becoming familiar with word recognition and sounds. When reading is difficult for children, it’s helpful to find a subject matter that resonates with them (such as sports books for active kids or nature books for kids who love the outdoors). Whether it’s picture books, crayons or a new harmonica, every artistic exposure will lead to useful skills and essential growth that will last them a lifetime.

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