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Finding Childcare Why You Should Ask Your Employer

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Choosing childcare is one of the most important decisions a parent can make, and with 80% of children spending some time in daycare by age four, many parents have to make it. Finding a daycare that suits your child?s specific needs can be tricky at first, but it?s far from impossible, especially if you know what you?re looking for before you begin your search. The right daycare equals a great experience for your child, and ensures that he or she is in good hands, and that you can focus on your work without worry.

What You Need Out Of Childcare

Obviously, the most important part of choosing childcare is making sure that your child gets what he or she needs. This doesn?t simply concern a safe, fun facility and good snacks. Early child education is crucial to learning and future development ? and it?s never too early to start paying attention to a child?s learning ability and skills. A child as young as 4 asks an average of 437 questions a day, and in the first few years of his or her life, a child absorbs more information at a time than they ever will at any other point in their life. A good daycare will pay attention to these needs, and stimulate a child?s intellectual ability. Furthermore, the right daycare will tend to children with special needs and cater to those requirements, whether they?re as serious as a disability or as minor as shyness or fear of loud noises.

Employer Sponsored Childcare: The Option For Everyone

An issue people often encounter when choosing childcare is that it can be difficult to find a daycare that suits your child?s needs, is affordable, and isn?t a long distance from work. Often, the perfect solution to your problems is laying right underneath your nose: it?s employer sponsored childcare programs. These programs are onsite and usually subsidized or sponsored by companies; used exclusively by employees, they?re meant to make work and family easier for people.

The Benefits Of Employer Sponsored Childcare

Employer sponsored childcare offers the same high quality care as daycare outside of work, as it?s often provided by contractors specializing in child education and development. Another advantage is that you save money on driving between a daycare and work, and are able to be close to your child in case of emergency. Employee sponsored daycare also means, in many cases, that parents end up paying far less for childcare than they would otherwise. Why, then, do employers do this? For one thing, it means that parents are more likely to return to work. For another, it means that they turn in better work, worrying less about finances and knowing that their child?s well-being is assured.

If you’re juggling parental responsibilities, you may want to find employer sponsored childcare. It unites the best of work and home life ? meaning you as a working parent don?t have to give up anything.

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