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Ensure Your Child’s Future with Private School


Private Middle School Makes Sense

Today, we worry about our children’s safety, education, future. We want to provide them with the best foundation we can. And the best way to do that is to send them to one of the best schools in Miami.

    4 Reasons to Give Your Child a Private School Education

  1. individual attention
  2. not teaching to tests — which means a balanced program including extra curriculars
  3. safety
  4. the educational ladder

Individual Attention

In the U.S. there are less than 40,000 private schools, educating just over 5 million students. That means private schools are smaller, with smaller classes; most have less than 300 students. Smaller classes means more attention paid to your child.

Most private high schools average less than half the students of their public counterparts, giving them more time with their teachers.

Not Teaching Tests/Balanced Education

One of the most reassuring things about your child being at one of the best private elementary schools in Miami, is they aren’t being taught for tests. Due to this the students get a broader and better education, with time for extracurricular activities, the arts, athletics, and honors programs; things often not available to public school students.

And starting private school as young as preschool gives kids a leg up. Tests have shown that children who attend preschool score 21% higher on reading and math tests in kindergarten than those who don’t.

And, at the high school level, moving toward college, the national average SAT scores were:

  • —reading: 497
  • —math: 514
  • —writing: 489

While private school students had average scores of:

  • —541
  • —579
  • —550



Private school affords for smaller class size; the teachers are more aware of their students, and their comings and goings. In fact in a study from 2007, almost 75% of parents, who had children in a private school, felt strongly that their child’s school was safe. And almost all of the parents asked said it was because the teachers were so dedicated that they choose private schooling for their children.

The Educational Ladder

You want to send your child to one of the best preschools in Miami, so they’ll go to the best private middle school. You want to send your child to the best private middle school, so they’ll go to the best preparatory academy, so they’ll go on to one of the best colleges. It’s a system that’s been in place since the Ivy Leagues were established.

And of course you want the best for your child. Who doesn’t?

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