What You Didnt Know About Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses quickly and easily convey water, oil, air, or other fluid-like elements. They are used in construction, industrial sites, and several other areas. There is more to know about hydraulic hoses than just what they do and where they are used. This video delves more into this topic by highlighting various hoses and fittings and their use.

Hydraulic hoses come in different materials, sizes, pressure ratings, and fittings.

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The common materials used to make them are PVC, nylon, and polyurethane. These can come in different diameters. The diameter of the hose dictates the amount and pressure of the fluid transferred through it. But, they also have different pressure ratings and can come as a 1-wire or 2-wire hose.

They are also available in different hoses and fittings. The most common end fittings are pipe threaded and JIC fittings. The fittings are also used with pioneer and flat face couplers, which attach the hoses to machines. A good coupler has zero leaks and provides a more secure connection. Also, choosing a good end fitting like JIC will ensure a tighter seal in the hoses. Nevertheless, one should know where to use the hoses to select suitable ones.

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