How to Become a Medicare Insurance Agent

Are you ready to become a Medicare insurance agent? This video will show you the steps to becoming a Medicare insurance agent. This is a great career option because it offers flexible hours and consistent income. As an agent, you can sell health insurance plans from companies such as UnitedHealthcare or Humana.

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Medicare is a federal health program that provides subsidized coverage for seniors over 65 and specific disabled individuals. Medicare insurance agents play an essential role in helping patients enroll in the Medicare health program. In addition, they provide extra information on Medicare healthcare options and assist members who choose to switch or change their coverage.

To become a Medicare insurance agent, you first need to get a license from the state where you wish to practice. You might need to fulfill specific requirements based on your state. Next, consider taking advantage of any type of health care training offered by Medicare, including AHIP Medicare training. You will then join NAPA for certification. To become a member of NAPA, you need to pass a test and pay dues. Once you’ve met those requirements, you can begin contracting and selling Medicare insurance.

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