What Does a Hydro Excavation Company Do?

This video will show you what a hydro excavation company does. Hydro excavation is a technique that liquefies the soil through a boring lance under high water pressure. A hydro excavator then uses a vacuum to suck up the liquefied dirt revealing deeper ground layers.

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You can hire a hydro excavation company if you are looking for a digging alternative that is adequately safe, precise, and timely.
A hydro excavation company hires skilled workers to operate a hydro-vac machine. Workers set up computerized hydro excavation machines through a wireless remote control that starts and stops operations. Each hydro-vac has a built-in water pump and blower. The pump maintains the water’s high-pressure flow through the boring lance while the blower sustains the atmospheric pressure in the vacuum tube.

Excavation can be conducted in sites with soft soil using the vacuum tube alone. Once workers are finished digging, they use the boring lance to clean up the vacuum tube before driving the hydro excavation machine to the dumping site. The loaded slurry is dumped by opening the liftgate at the back of the hydro-vac. Any remaining slurry is washed out through the water jets.

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