Golf Cart Repair How its Done

The last thing anyone wants is their golf cart breaking down. That will stop a ride and can be very dangerous if not fixed. When a person has a damaged golf cart, they do not always have to take it to a repair shop. Unless necessary, they can fix it with a simple guide and the right tools. This video shows how to conduct golf cart repair and maintenance.

If one realizes that they have a damaged golf cart tire, they should find the right tools and equipment to conduct a golf cart repair.

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Tools one may require are a rasp tool, probe tool and nozzle, pliers, plug gun and plugs, and a bag to carry them. Also, one needs safety gear like safety glasses, protective footwear, an apron, gloves, and a face shield.

The process begins by turning off the ignition and locating the puncture. The obstruction in the puncture is removed, and a probe is used to inspect the damaged area. Then, the puncture is reamed out using a rasp, and the head of a plug is pushed into a barrel. Next, the mechanism is released after crank handling, and the plug gun and nozzle are slowly removed.

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