Thinking of Becoming a Lash Tech? Read This First!

A career as a licensed lash technician can appeal to you if you have a passion for beauty and eye styling. Maybe you’re an esthetician, hairstylist, or makeup artist who wants to expand your clientele and career options. Or perhaps you adore eyelash extensions and believe you can build a successful career doing what you adore.

Although eyelash extensions may be the most glamorous cosmetic craze ever, is working as a lash artist the perfect profession for you? By 2031, the market for lash extensions is anticipated to be worth $2.40 billion. Starting a profession as a lash technician can enable you to work for yourself and earn a ton of money. Before you start counting your benjamins, read this first!

Get Certified

Familiarize yourself with your local state’s regulations. Some states require that you be a licensed cosmetologist or enrolled in a cosmetology school before even taking a lash technician course. Other states allow you to become a certified lash technician without a cosmetology license, so it’s vital to know your state’s rules to ensure you’re doing everything necessary and within the correct time frame. Also, don’t forget to have a beauty industry insurance provider.

Obtain The Required Business Licenses

You might need licenses or permits from your city or state to operate a lash business legally. Almost all businesses also need a federal employer identification number (EIN), commonly known as a tax identification number. The specific licenses or permits you require will depend on your firm’s location.

Online Presence Before Physical

Have a website! An online presence is everything. You pretty much do not exist without one. Before you even open a shop, you should have one online that lists your services, prices, mission statement, and certifications.

Be Up To Date

There is a rule in the beauty business that you never stop learning because, in the beauty business, there is always something new and better coming out. Being informed and educated about it can put you and your business in the lead.

Be Insured

Whether you work out of your home or have your own lash bar or salon, having a beauty industry insurance provider is a must. A beauty industry insurance provider provides beauty insurance that protects you from paying out-of-pocket when an unforeseen event happens.

The lash businesses can be profitable. The Giovanni Eyelash Factory estimates that American consumers currently use more than 40 million pairs of fake eyelashes each month, which is only expected to rise. It stands to reason that more entrepreneurs are succeeding in the eyelash industry.

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