What Causes Hair Breakage?

Textured hair has a beautiful appearance, but it can be difficult to care for, and without proper maintenance, it can undergo a lot of damage. Hair breakage is one of the biggest issues that people have with textured hair, but knowing the root causes of this problem can make it easier to prevent it from occurring.

One common cause of breakage is the incorrect use of hair products. It’s important to follow the instructions on the packaging of any products you put in your hair, and avoid leaving any type of treatment in for too long.

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You should also be picky about the products you use, and avoid making DIY hair treatments at home.

Breakage can also be the result of bad brushes. Failing to clean a hairbrush properly can introduce various harmful substances to your hair. Old brushes also wear down over time, and as their bristles split. Brushing these split bristles through your hair causes it to break up.

While hair breakage is annoying, it is often completely avoidable if you make smart choices. By sticking to a proper hair care routine and using the correct products and tools, you can keep your textured hair healthy and free of split ends.


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