Landscape Terrace Ideas that Boost Curb Appeal

When listing a house on the market today, there are essential things every homeowner should do to add value to the house and make it appealing to potential clients. These vital activities include cleaning, decluttering, making repairs, painting, renovations, and foundational repairs. The ultimate goal is to boost the demand for the property.

Many homeowners, however, tend to neglect the landscape. Despite all your effort going into making the house presentable, failing to maintain your yard could mean the difference between closing a deal and not.

Make Your Landscape Appealing to Boost Sales

When selling a house, you want to create a fantastic initial impression. When buyers come looking, the likelihood of purchasing a home will depend on how well you maintain your landscape. According to Michigan State University, a home with impressive landscaping and an appealing curb appeal can enhance the house’s value by 5 to 11%. Fortune Builders posit that homebuyers form an opinion of a property based on its curb appeal. An attractive and well-kept landscape informs them what to anticipate on the other side of the front door.

Are you eager to know how to enhance your yard? Don’t fret. Fortunately, this article offers eight top-of-the-list landscape terrace ideas that can boost your curb appeal. Let’s dive right in.

1. Make a Garden Room

A garden room is one of the premier landscape terrace ideas that, besides increasing curb appeal, creates an impression of a larger yard garden. Plants tend to compete with one another for attention and might not do well together. Creating garden rooms allows you to experiment with various plants, color schemes, and styling without upsetting the balance. You can also successfully intersect the hot, bright, tropical, and peaceful pastel country garden in your yard without them having to compete for resources.

When designing garden rooms, you typically use some walls to divide the yard. Ideally, you can use hedgerows, trees and bushes, vines, fences, and pergolas as garden walls. They only need to provide a sense of separation so that you have a specific area to design and utilize.

Garden rooms generate a sense of containment and discovery when your walls obscure the immediate view of the chamber, cutting it off from the rest of the garden. If you create your garden room walls with trees, you should also consider tree maintenance strategies to ensure the trees grow healthily and function effectively. Tree trimming and pruning are some basic essential tips to ensure your trees grow healthily and guarantee the safety of the people utilizing the garden rooms.

2. Elevate the Deck

The deck is a beautiful spot to hang with your friends and family to enjoy the crisp cool air on a hot summer afternoon. Considering landscape terrace ideas to enhance the deck will give you a beautiful space to hang with your family and boost the house’s curb appeal.

Here are some unrivaled landscape terrace ideas for your deck.

Add Plants, Planters, and Flower Beds

The flora in your deck area enriches your seating area and adds a natural design accent. This is one of the crucial landscape terrace ideas to enhance your yard while giving it a green touch and feel.

A wide variety of plants and flowers can endure little light and hardiness zones. Some easy-to-grow plants and flowers on your deck include hardy hibiscus, mums, black-eyed susans, and daylilies.

Choose a few larger shrubs or small trees to start with. Then add smaller perennials and decorative grasses to envelop them. Remember, if your yard receives a minimal amount of sunlight, you must choose plants that can thrive under such conditions to guarantee functionality for your deck.

It’s not too late to incorporate lovely, complimentary pots into your design if you’ve already constructed a deck. Build boxes around the edge to make a beautiful border. On higher decks, take into account taller plants. For further greenery, you can even add standalone planters.

Lay Out a Landscape Fabric

Incorporating a landscape fabric into your deck is one of the incredible landscape terrace ideas to keep your plants from getting washed away during heavy rains. Landscape fabric provides a level of stability and erosion prevention. It serves admirably as a barrier beneath hardscaping and keeps inorganic mulch-like rocks and pea gravel from absorbing water and settling into the soil.

You can also reduce the amount of weeding you need by covering the soil with landscaping fabric. Place the landscape fabric, so it covers the area completely, and trim it to fit inside your boundaries. To keep the fabric in place, insert pins along its outer edges.

Refinish Your Deck

According to the Remodeling Magazine, new hardwood decks can boost the value of your property by about $10,000 and have a 76–86% return on investment. Wooden decks are incredible and durable. However, due to the exposure to weather elements, they are subject to wear and tear over time.

To save your financial investments and maintain the beauty of your deck for many years to come, it is crucial to involve deck restoration companies for periodical examination and maintenance. Deck restoration may involve making repairs, applying sealants, and installing a new deck to make the deck look pristine.

When restoring a deck, consider a unique material. The preferred material for many homeowners may be wood. However, you can still implement other choices, such as composite decks.

If your backyard doesn’t allow for deck construction or if you already have one, you might want to consider a pergola design. You can always build a pergola yourself with DIY ideas. Pergolas offer a relaxing outdoor seating space, boost curb appeal, and raise house values.

3. Patio Restoration

Patios are the ideal outdoor gathering spots for friends, family, or solitude, especially on a hot summer afternoon. It’s one of the notable landscape terrace ideas to boost your curb appeal. However, because patios are built outside, they are exposed to harsh weather elements, which may damage them over time.

Fortunately, there are amazing features you can add to your patios to make them look spotless, increase their durability, and improve the appearance of your backyard. Here are tip-top tips you should consider to restore your patio and boost your curb appeal;

Repairing Patio Space

Patio repair can help address the damage negatively impacting your landscape. Every construction, especially on the exterior, like a patio, gradually loses some structural integrity over time.

Simple fixes keep your patio physically strong and functional, enabling you to utilize it comfortably and effectively. If your patio defects are minimal, you might get by with a few small fixes rather than a complete replacement.

The following are the most typical patio issues that may require patio repair:

  • Surface degradation on a patio.
  • Cracks on pavers, bricks, and concrete patio slabs.
  • Water pools on patio areas.
  • Patios with sunk edges and dangerously uneven surfaces.
  • Your patio surface is stained.
  • Pest infestation’s effects.

Work with professional patio repair services for the best results. They have stellar skills to repair your patio effectively and increase its lifespan.


Another landscape terrace idea that improves your curb appeal is investing in hardscape patios. Hardscape provides functional and aesthetically pleasing landscaping options for your terrace. To improve the appearance of your patio, you can integrate hardscape into the seating walls. This incredible design provides additional space to put some fantastic planters or add lights to your garden, thanks to the stone columns on either end of the sitting wall.

4. Make Your Yard Green

A lush, healthy lawn unifies the other elements of your landscaping. A green yard conveys to onlookers a possible maintenance philosophy for the remainder of your house. Additionally, a lush terrace can improve the appearance of the entire property and attract more purchasers.

Various functional landscape terrace ideas guarantee your yard looks greener. Planting trees, growing grass in your yard, and gardening to fit the terrace are some top examples.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that adding trees to a home can increase its value by 15%. Therefore, you should put effort into maintaining the health of your landscaping by adding trees and plants. How can you make your landscape terrace appear greener, you ask? Here is a simple answer. A landscaping material like mulch or composite can help you enhance the quality of your soil for the healthier growth of plants, trees, and grass in your yard.

5. Keep the Lawn Healthy

Keeping the lawn healthy is one of the major landscape terrace ideas to boost your curb appeal. In addition to increasing the home’s value, a lush, healthy lawn can shorten the time the house is on the market.

Your lawn sets the tone for curb appeal. This implies that you should cut the grass at a pleasing height and ensure it’s well-kept to maintain its vivid green nature. Additionally, ensure the grass is healthy and free of pest or fungus-caused brown or yellow stains. Weeds also make your yard look unpleasing and seriously harm your grass. Therefore, you should eliminate unwanted plants for uniformity and an eye-catching appearance.

One of the functional ways to ensure a green lawn is through adequate watering. You can install sprinkler systems to guarantee your grass receives a generous amount of water for healthy growth.

6. Constructing Swimming Pools

In addition to being a deluxe feature, swimming pools foster closer relationships among family members, which raises property and recreational values. A pool can dramatically raise the value and exterior appeal of your house. According to HGTV statistics, the typical above ground pools can increase your property’s value by 5 to 8 percent.

Home Light’s Top Agent’s Insights for Spring 2021 Report states that the average value of an in-ground pool in a property has climbed by 69% since 2020. Consider hiring a professional pool service for residential pool construction to take advantage of the additional value the pool will create for your home.

The existence of a pool doesn’t, however, guarantee a higher resale value or an improvement in curb appeal. A poorly maintained pool that needs repair or maintenance will negatively affect your home’s value and turn off potential buyers.

7. Consider Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained lawn, a green and healthy garden, a well-kept pool, and impressive patios and decks will undoubtedly attract the attention of potential buyers and onlookers. These appealing features can also significantly boost your home’s value and demand in the market.

Ensure you conduct regular maintenance to guarantee your yard is in perfect shape. The best strategy is to hire professional services for effective maintenance practices. For instance, the presence of a pool may attract potential buyers to your home. However, if you neglect pool maintenance, it will typically scare away these potential buyers. Hire swimming pool service experts to guarantee your pool is pristine for impressive appeal.

8. Light and Ambiance

Safety and pool lights are landscape terrace ideas that improve the home’s aesthetic appeal and security. Safety lights establish a psychological disincentive to criminal conduct in the protected area by providing a degree of illumination to identify people or things readily.

Your pool area may also benefit from additional lighting layers to generate beautiful lighting, provide users’ security, and reduce drowning cases due to darkness. Landscape lighting installation in pools is ideal for enhancing the pool’s aesthetic appeal without digging deep into your pocket.

Here is an interesting point. Pool and security lighting doesn’t have to be ugly or uninteresting; you can add various colors and fashionable lighting to enhance the look. This can improve the aesthetics of your house and property.

Final Thoughts

An impressive curb appeal will not only attract potential buyers but will also improve the value of your home and make its sale process easier. Ensure you add these landscape terrace ideas to your home if you intend to sell it faster and with more profits. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Unexpected visitors or potential buyers can knock at your door when you least expect. Bring in landscaping professionals and start working on your landscape terrace today. Your eye-catching property will be at the top of everyone’s list!

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