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Reasons to Send Your Child to Day Camp

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Most experts in early childhood education agree that preschool is really great for children. Adults who attended preschool as children are more likely to go to and finish college than those who never attended preschool. The time spent in preschool is time well spent. According to federal research that is ongoing, when children are in preschool, their memory and language skills are improved. So many people see the value of preschool that roughly two-thirds of children who are three and four years old are enrolled in a preschool or go to child care centers throughout the United States. Another great thing for kids is summer camp. For example, the KLA summer camp provides attendees with amazing experiences and opportunities to learn.

Day camps are great for kids who may not want to do to away camp or are not ready to be separated from their families for the entire summer. Summer camps for kids are very popular overall. Throughout the United States, more than 11 million children and adults head out to summer camp, according to the American Camp Association. There are more than 12,000 camps around the country. Nearly 5,000 of those are day camps such as the KLA summer camp.

Reasons to send your child to a day camp:

  • They can continue their learning. For many children, the summer is a fun time but a lot of learning from the year is lost. Early childhood is an incredibly important time for a child’s development. The importance of early childhood education cannot be overstated. The first five years of a child’s life are some of the most important in terms of the development of their brain. This is the best time to teach a child a new language, for instance. Moreover learning that second language will make learning more languages easier. Sending a child to a program, like those offered at the KLA summer camp, will make the most of this critical time and make sure children do not lose any ground over the summer.
  • They get to meet new people. Children, like adults, are often only exposed to a set group of people. When you send a child to any day camp, including the KLA summer camp, you expose them to new people. This may include people from different communities and cultures. We all look at the world through the prism of who we surround ourselves with. It is good to change things up a bit by spending time with new people and learning new ideas. People who work at day camps are trained to be positive role models for the attendees.
  • Day camps can reboot their creativity. Most of the time, summer camp activities, whether they are at an away camp or a camp like the KLA summer camp, are organized and planned with the goal of encouraging and developing a child’s imagination. That is the seat of creativity. Creativity is essential to so many subjects and learning areas. Creative thinking leads to wonderful discoveries about the world without and the world within.
  • Children in day camp learn about positive risk taking. Not all risks are bad. In fact, many lead to good things. If children cannot learn to take risks in a safe environment, they will never learn to take then at all. Children enrolled in day camp are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. They are not forced to do anything but when they see others do things they have never done before, they begin to want to try new things, too.
  • Parents get a lot out of day camp. Often, camps like the KLA summer camp, put together fun activities that parents can participate in. This makes the whole experience good for everyone. The parents and children can benefit from the planning and resources at the summer camp to get the most out of the experience.

It may be too soon to think about sending your child or children to a camp that is somewhere else for two months. You want your child or children to get the most out of the summer. Day camps may offer the best options. They can continue to learn in a fun environment.

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