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Employers Who Offer Childcare at Work Create a Positive Work Place

Choosing a daycare checklist

Few things in life are more important than reliable care for children. And while many families are able to keep their children at home with a parent or a grandparent, this is not the case for all. Many families that have two working parents need to find reliable care for their infants, their toddlers, and their young children. For many, finding the best daycare option is both stressful and expensive. Workplace-funded childcare opportunities are a benefit to parents, to children, and to the employer.
According to the most recent national statistics, more than 80% of children spend some time in day care by the age of four. In an economy that often requires two parents to work, childcare is a reality most families face. Even in families that do not need the extra money, many parents still chose to work to support the lifestyle that they want. Finding a daycare, however, can be stressful, expensive, and time consuming. When companies decide to offer workplace-funded childcare they erase the stress, the cost, and the challenge of finding locating a daycare option.
Employee-funded childcare is more than a financial benefit. It also provides a time management benefit. When parents get to drop off and pick up their children at the same place where they work, they do not add to their commute time.
Quality childcare creates benefits not only for children and their families, it also strengthens the workplace and the community. Whenever an employer invests in the improvement of care for their employees’ children they invest in the employee. An employee who is content with the care that his or her child is getting is more able to focus on work. An employee who is focused is more productive and benefits the company.
Likewise, infants and toddlers who have better childcare experiences benefit their families, their future schools, and their communities. Research continues to indicate that investing in early childhood education is a benefit to society. Children who are ready to go to school perform better and begin the process of gaining an education that will help them be productive members of society.
Childcare Environments Can Vary from One Company to Another
Corporate childcare solutions are frequently operated by independent contractors who staff the centers with their own employees. Some companies offer additional childcare resources as well. For example, some may offer flu shots during the cold and flu season. Others may offer take home meal options for families. In other locations, the childcare setting may offer early evening activities for children while their parents workout in a corporate fitness center.
In some cities, workplace-funded childcare is some of the highest quality daycare options available. For instance, workplace-funded childcare that adopts the Montessori philosophy offer children an educational environment that fosters self motivation and self discipline. In multi-age rooms with carefully prepared environments, Montessori students learn to work at their own pace and progress as far as they want. Another center might offer a more traditional preschool setting that uses centers and stations and whole group activities to teach children language and math skills.
Costs of employee sponsored childcare seem very minimal when corporations take all of the benefits into consideration. Corporate daycare not only makes an employer more desirable to potential employees during the recruiting process, it also aids in the retention of current employees. with both parent and child happy, the employee has twice the reason to stay at a job. Providing onsite childcare also results in higher productivity and reduced absenteeism. Think of how many times employees have sat at work worried about the care of their child. With childcare onsite, a quick visit during a coffee break or during lunch can provide the assurance that all is well.
Is Your Company Looking for New Benefits to Offer Its Employees?
Workers like to be treated with respect, and nothing is more respectful than acknowledging the importance of an employee’s family. In a time when many workers are expected to answer email, or respond to teleconference calls long before and long after the traditional work hours, doesn’t it make sense that work places should start offering nontraditional employee benefits? Companies who put their employees first foster an environment that attracts and keeps dedicated workers.

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