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Does Your Employer Offer On Site Day Care Options?

Childcare and workplace productivity

This may be the time.
This may be the place.
After a week of doom and gloom political rhetoric of the Republican National Convention, this morning American’s wake to the more positive message from the Democrats. And while yesterday may have started with the debate about who would drop the gavel for the opening of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, there is no doubt about who had the strongest mic drop during the prime time hours of the convention last night.
It is difficult to read the news today and not hear about the success of Michelle Obama’s impassioned endorsement of making decision that benefit the children of this country. From citing Hillary Clinton’s legal aid work for the youngest children to referencing that it takes a village to raise a child, Mrs. Obama sent a clear message of hope for this country and the next generation.
Employer Sponsored Child Care Benefits Workers and the Nation
As soon as the country ends this week and moves away from the convention that will at the very least have the first female presidential candidate nominated by a major party, however, the needs of families in this country will remain the same. As families continue to struggle for how to find a daycare that is affordable and reliable, some say the entire nation struggles to reach its full potential. And while the possibility of the first female president in America may be growing ever closer, few believe that all of the needs of children and families will be quickly solved by a government controlled by any party.
As next week, next month, and next year approach Americans know that nothing is ever as easy as this week’s convention speakers make it seem. In fact, some very convincing rhetoric indicates that it is imperative that companies and employers should do what they know is best for their employees instead of waiting for the slow wheels of Washington to implement mandates. Solutions for corporate childcare may perhaps be a key component of the future of helping women make the progress they want in today’s workforce.
Employer sponsored child care benefits workers, and, in the opinion of many, benefits the employee as well. In fact, more than 80 of the companies in Working Mothers magazine’s “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers” offer corporate child care of some kind to their employees. The decision to offer employer sponsored child care benefits employees so much that man studies indicate that these parents miss less work and are more productive when they are at work. The comfort of knowing that you could stop by and see your child during a lunch break and the reality of knowing that you are just minutes away from any problem lessens stress for parents who want to work full time after they have children.
Unfortunately, too few companies have followed this family friendly trend. In fact, government statistics indicate that 23% of working parents make use of ?multiple arrangements? for their childcare needs. These constantly changing arrangements can take their toll on both workers and their children. And since signs indicate this is a growing trend, it is likely that more and more families will continue to find quality and affordable childcare options.
To Keep the American economy running efficiently people at work need to be able to stay focused on their jobs. This, however, is difficult to achieve when a parent has to be absent because a family babysitter is sick or unavailable. A corporate day care can eliminate these gaps in care options.
Consider the following employer sponsored child care benefits:

  • Research indicates that company provided child care may increase employee loyalty.
  • Company provided child care may decrease maternity leaves and other absences.
  • Company provided child care may improve on-job concentration.

Many Americans want to be both successful at work and successful at being a parent. And while Michelle Obama may have given the best example of a woman who can be both an inspirational First Lady and an excellent mother, not all parents have the resources that the Obama’s and the Clinton’s have. And while a female president may do much to champion the needs of American children, employee sponsored child care is an option that benefits employers, employees, and children.

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