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Can Exercising Help You Look Younger?

Canadian researchers have great news. According to a new study published in Counsel and Heal, daily exercise can help reverse the physical signs of aging. By exercising four to five times a week, consumers can drastically improve their skin composition — and naturally, too! Here are some of best, all-natural ways to beat fine lines, loose skin, and wrinkles: Exercise…

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Three Common Summer Injuries and How to Avoid Them

We might associate summer with fun times and tanning in the sun, but for emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, summer also means trauma season. The more people move and get active, the more likely they are to put themselves in situations where they can become injured. As US News points out, “there are distinct patterns to summer accidents, and…

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Three Fun and Rewarding Activities for Your Children

According to the CDC, children should participate in aerobic activity at least three times per week. Unfortunately, many children do not get the recommended amount of exercise, so more than 33% of children have become obese. Luckily, a variety of activities are available to not only help children get more exercise, but also to help them develop and grow in…

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