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Four Career Fields You Can Pursue With a Digital Media Arts Degree

Digital media arts jobs

So you know want to study art. Now what?

There is a huge variety of different majors and areas of study you can pursue at an arts college — so it’s important to make sure you choose the right degree path that will help you get the job you want after graduation.

If you’re looking for a degree that is both versatile and prepares you for a fulfilling career in the arts, you should consider majoring in digital media arts.

Here are just four of the many career paths you’ll be able to take with a digital media arts degree in your hand:

1. Graphic design: Getting your graphic design training as you study for your digital media arts degree can open up doors in one of the most exciting and lucrative areas of the art industry. On average, a graphic designer earns about $51,000 a year, and these graphic designers often work independently as freelancers. This career is great for people with an independent streak.

2. 3D computer animation: Taking 3D computer animation courses is a great way to learn the ins and outs of working as an animator. Computer animators are responsible for some of the biggest Hollywood films as well as animated TV shows — if you love seeing your work in the world around you, animation is a great career path.

3. Video game art: The video game industry generates billions of dollars in revenue, and video game artists and animators are in high demand as a result. Whether you’re an avid gamer or not, designing video games can be exciting and rewarding.

4. Advertising and marketing: Surprised? Don’t be — the advertising industry embraces creative minds and visual thinkers, which means a digital media arts degree can actually be a great way to prepare for a job in this field. You can create visual content and designs for pretty much any company you can think of! More research here.

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