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Considerations For Your Child’s Education

Finding the right school for your child is certainly a difficult task, there is no denying this fact. You want your child to get the right start in life, and giving them the best education possible is one way that you can do this. For this reason and for many more, more and more parents are choosing to switch to private schools, and are forgoing the local public ones.

In fact, there are now more than 33,000 private schools found all throughout the country. When it comes to students, up to 25% of them in the United States now attend private schools. This totals a near five and a half million students when all is said and done. In the years that are to come, the number of students that are serviced by private educational institutions is actually only likely to grow.

But most private schools have been able to retain class sizes and total school sizes that are quite small in comparison to the public schools that are likely in the same area. While public schools often boast hundreds upon hundreds of students, if not even thousands of them, more than 85% of all private schools will have no more than a grand total of 300 students. In fact, the average number of students for a private school is only just over 145. And from the private preschool near me to private middle schools and beyond, there are private schools out there for just about every age range – and all kids can benefit from this.

Even at a private preschool near me, young children can very much benefit from the one on one attention they are able to receive. And a private preschool near me is much more likely to be able to provide this one on one attention than a public preschool. Aside from the private preschool near me, this close contact with the nearly half of a million teachers who work in private school settings allows students of all different ages and backgrounds to thrive. From the private preschool near me to private high schools, students who attend private school institutions are much less likely to become lost in the shuffle, something that unfortunately happens all too often at many of the larger and more poorly funded public schools found all throughout the country in its entirety.

This can be seen when we look at the role of the typical guidance counselor in a public school versus their role in a private school, particularly in a high school setting. In a public school setting, guidance counselors are likely to be responsible for a large number of kids. Unfortunately, this means that they have relatively little time to dedicate to discussions surrounding college preparedness. In fact, public school guidance counselors spend only just over one fifth of their total time discussing college with students. On the other hand, private school guidance counselors are actually able to spend up to 55% of their time having similar discussions. Therefore, students who attend the various private high schools found throughout the country are much more likely to be prepared for their college years – and to attend college in the first place.

The quality of the regular teachers in private schools, from the private preschool near me to private elementary schools and beyond, is also something to take note of. Many of these teachers are more than qualified, with up to three quarters and more of all teachers in any given private school having some form of higher education. For many people, this is a deciding factor for sending their child to a private school, even a private preschool near me and the like. These teachers are likely to better be able to cater to student needs, no matter how diverse these needs might be. For many a student, this is something likely to be quite hugely beneficial at the end of the day, and not something to be overlooked by any means.

At the end of the day, the benefits of having your child attend a private school are quite vast indeed. For many students, a private school education allows them a more well rounded school experience from preschool and beyond.

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