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Do Private School Students Really Get Better Grades?

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Many parents consider education one of the most important variables when raising a child. Some believe a public school offers the best experience, others prefer the small environment of private school, and some parents simply choose to homeschool. While each system has its advantages and disadvantages, it is important for parents to choose whichever fits their child’s needs the best.

Private high schools often claim that their students perform better on standardized tests and achieve higher grades, however, when the results are adjusted for socioeconomic status, the success rates even out. Students from private high schools do, however, have higher college graduation rates, and achieve higher scores on tests like the SATs. This may be because private schools have lower attendance rates, allowing college counselors more one-on-one time with students.

Some parents worry that private schools do not offer enough extracurricular activities. While private schools may have fewer options, the activities they do offer receive greater attention. Whether the student has an interest in joining the high school basketball team, the drama club, or the school newspaper, finding a private school with something to fit their interests will not be difficult.

One of the biggest obstacles to sending children to private schools is the tuition rate, which can exceed that of local collages. Because private schools are not government-funded, they rely on tuition and donations for operating costs. Fortunately, financial aid is available for many families, so that their children can get the best possible education.

Parents want the very best for their children, and for many, that means sending them to the best preparatory academy or private school in the area. If you think a private school might be the best fit for your family, arrange a tour today!

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