Why Awareness of Implicit Bias is Important

This video looks at why awareness of implicit bias is essential. Leaders worldwide are working to make their organizations more multicultural, equal, and accessible in response to the growing backlash over implicit bias in workplaces, universities, health centers, the judiciary, and many other places. An essential part of their work has been to become conscious of their own implicit biases.
Why is it vital to be conscious of one’s implicit biases?
Training on implicit bias aims to increase participants’ awareness of the mental shortcuts that might lead to hasty evaluations of other people’s abilities or character, influenced by factors such as race and gender.

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The following are some reasons why awareness of implicit bias is so important.
By understanding and resolving implicit bias, individuals are allowed to become aware of biases they may hold that are not overt or, in many cases, even realized, which in turn serves to strengthen equality and fairness.
It is crucial to be aware of the prejudices you may hold, so you can learn how to comprehend and overcome them to handle and engage with people, both explicitly and implicitly.
One of the most significant advantages of conducting awareness for implicit bias training is that it compels individuals to consider issues from various viewpoints.

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