Basic Concepts of Criminal Law You Should Know About

As explained in the clip “What are the basic concepts of Criminal Law?”, criminal law is a set of legal regulations that define what behaviors are against the law. A plurality of authorities establishes criminal laws. These authorities include legislatures and agencies that administer justice and decision-makers, such as police officers, judges, and juries.

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Criminal law defines what behaviors violate the law in a particular jurisdiction. For the legal system to consider a specific behavior illegal, people must break one or more criminal statutes. By breaking the law, an individual becomes a criminal.

Everyone, from criminals to law-abiding citizens, is eligible for protection under criminal statutes. In other words, you are not necessarily a criminal until you violate the law. With the knowledge of criminal law, you can protect yourself from possible violations.

Understanding the criminal law can also ensure that you protect your fundamental human rights under the law. This applies regardless of whether or not you have done anything illegal. It is also essential for society to understand that the breaking of a statute is not necessarily considered a crime.

A crime refers to actions involving illegal behavior. Such acts may also cause harm to other individuals or the social fabric of society. The law must define any act as criminal for people to consider it a crime. Contact a criminal lawyer if you have questions or need legal assistance.


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