What You Should Know About Shallow Well Pumps

This video shows how a shallow well pump can be a great way to get water from the well. They are useful for various purposes, including irrigation, pool filling, and household use. These pumps are also easy to install and maintain.

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Before installing the shallow well pump, it’s essential to ensure the water level won’t extend below the pump.

A shallow well pump with a higher PSI rating can provide water for multiple stories or an outdoor sprinkler system. A shallow well pump has the added benefit of delivering great water pressure.

A shallow well pump is also applicable with rainwater collection systems from the roof into a specialized water storage tank. The water is then filtered and delivered to homes.

When deciding where to place the shallow well pump, consider a place that makes it easy to service. It is prudent to consider how often one will need to access the pump for convenience. Installing the shallow well pump in an easily accessible location will prevent debris from entering the pump via water lines or ground-level openings. A good location can also reduce the noise of the shallow well pumping system.

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