What You Didnt Know About Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are the workhorses of modern kitchens. They keep food fresh and safe to eat; they act as freezers for extra ice cream and frozen dinners; they store leftovers from that big Thanksgiving dinner. But what happens when it’s not cooling properly? ApplianceVideo.com has the answers as explained in this video titled ” Refrigerator Repair and Diagnostic – Not Cooling Properly – Electrolux – Frigidaire”

If you open the freezer and can still hear the fans running and the lights on, it means it’s a compressor issue. It could be that it is not working right, the starting components are not working right, or something is completely burned up.

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At this point, you will need to remove the compressor and use a meter to check for ohms resistance.

You will also need to check for continuity. This tests to see if it is shorted to the ground. If there is no short to ground, you need to remove the starting components and test them with a meter. If any of these parts are not working right, they will need to be replaced. Once the repairs have been completed, you should have your refrigerator working like new again.

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