Criminal Psychology The Common Motives for Crimes

Criminal psychology is one of the most fascinating areas of scientific research for several people, especially in America. Crime is prevalent in any society, and the media leverages the global interest in murderers and crime lords to create more and more crime and mystery shows. The entire mystery genre revolves around the concept of criminal motivation, so it’s no surprise that scientists have been hard at work developing study results showing the top motives for murder. In this video, we will discover the real reason why the majority of killers do what they do.

While one in 987 murders is committed for fun, one in 1,058 is committed to get a huge payout from the life insurance brokers. Money is a powerful motive behind common crimes, and can unfortunately drive people to do many questionable things.

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One in 35 murders are due to alcohol, which begs the question of how safe drinking really is. One in 29 murders are done out of revenge, and one in 5 murders is done while under the influence of drugs. While not every murder needs a motive like in the movies, most of them are committed by somebody who doesn’t initially plan to kill.


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