What Can be Found in a Roof Inspection?

Experts recommend that you get your roof inspected every year. This can help identify problems before they turn into expensive leaks. The popular YouTube channel Your Average Roofer lists what can be found during roof inspections.

Mostly, an inspection looks for damage.

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This can be damage to the shingles, the chimney, the flashing, or any other part. These parts may be broken, loose, damaged, or missing altogether. If you have problems with pests in the house, a roof inspector can check for any openings large enough for pests to get in.

Roof inspectors also look for excess growth on your roof in the form of moss or mold. Plantlife is not a good thing on roofs, because they hold moisture. This moisture never goes away, decaying the roof and causing leaks.

Although most of the roof inspection occurs on top of the roof, a good inspector also checks the bottom of the roof. The inspector goes into the attic or crawlspace to look for cracks, openings, mold growth, or signs of water damage. The venting will also be checked to be sure it isn’t blocked.

If you had work done on your roof or chimney recently, the roof inspector can check to see that the work was done properly. This information may help with warranties or cases in small claims court against the roofing contractor.

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