Unique Schools Across the World

When you think of schools you likely think of rows of chairs with a teacher at the front of the classroom. This video takes you to 13 schools around the globe that are doing things a bit differently. It is fascinating to see how innovative education can be.

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This video takes you around the globe to education centers that offer a new take on education. From a floating school that educates children in a flood zone in Laos to the Alt school in San Francisco, these are not the education settings most people have experienced.

Innovative educators are changing the face of education, not just the setting. Children are thriving in these new settings and getting a lot more from education than ever before. Take a tour of how education is evolving around the globe with this video and you will be astounded.

Be forewarned, this video may leave you feeling like you may have missed out on some great educational opportunities. Watch this video to learn more about what school can look like today. p>.

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