The Basics of Force

Force is defined as “a push or pull upon an object, resulting from the object’s interaction with another object.” Whether we realize it or not, force is used every single day as we go about our standard tasks. When we open a door, kick a ball, or lift something up, we are applying force.

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In fact, you may be using force even more often than you think.

There are many different and very simple ways to use or apply force. Think of yourself riding a bicycle. To stay in motion, you must be almost constantly pedaling, causing the wheels to turn and propel you forward. To move or open any object, you must apply force. Even when you are simply stopping an object, such as a ball, you are using force.

The common use of force can be placed into two different categories; pushing and pulling. Although many of the examples previously discussed can be placed into one of the two categories, some items fit in both. For example, opening and closing a door showcases both push and pull force. Simply put, force occurs when there is an interaction between body and object.


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