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Tattoo Art School Don’t Just Get a Tattoo, Create One!

Tattoo apprenticeship programs

Americans are a colorful people in more ways than one. One thing Americans have definitely take a liking to are tattoos. Did you know that approximately 45 million people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo, if not more? Demographically speaking, the younger generation tends to have more tattoos than the others. It is thought that more than one-third of all Americans between 18 and 25 have at least one tattoo. Americans spend on average about $1.65 billion annually on tattoos. Needless to say, not only are tattoos popular in the U.S., they’re also big business. And you know what they say — the business of America is business!

Why not dive right into the burgeoning industry? Become a tattoo artist! Tattoo art school is an ideal way of tapping into the future American tradition of tattoo art. Learn how to tattoo from the professionals. Get hands-on experience (literally!) in a tattoo trade school and work with other apprentices who are just as passionate about body art and piercings as you are.

Is tattoo school for you? It depends. Do you want to enter a lucrative industry and, better yet, support a “rebellious” underbelly of the American populous? According to a recent survey, about 30% of tattooed people claim their tattoos make them feel rebellious. At tattoo art school, you will learn how to tap into that rebelliousness in a clean, professional, and most importantly artistic manner. You’ll learn all the tricks of the tattoo industry, and you’ll also receive training on how to manage a tattoo salon. After completing the program, you’ll be ahead of the field with practical, hands-on knowledge of how to create body art as well as how to succeed in the body art business. So if you’re looking for a career as well as a lifestyle, consider tattoo art school today!

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