Signs its Time for AC Repair

To avoid drastic temperature swings in the house and reduce the risk of flooding, HVAC system problems must be resolved immediately. The good news is that some of the most prevalent AC problems can be fixed or avoided in minutes. Before you need to bring in an HVAC specialist, there are a few things you may try to troubleshoot and remedy the issue when your air conditioner abruptly shuts down without warning.

First, check the batteries in your thermostat. Routinely replacing gadget batteries is a duty that is easy to overlook, and thermostats with “set it and forget it” features are commonly overlooked.

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Replace the dead batteries if necessary. Ensure it is set to “cooling” and the desired temperature.

Old clogged filters may lead to common issues like frozen coils. However, if your filter is still functioning correctly, you might not have enough refrigerant. Your levels are good if the larger of the two copper lines that enter the condenser is moist and cool to the touch. Refrigerant levels are low if either one or both of these characteristics are missing. This AC repair is quite technical. Hence a specialist should be hired to fix your refrigerant reservoir.

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