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Advances in developmental psychology in the last fifty years have taken the science leaps and bounds ahead from where it used to be to where it stands today. Particularly of interest within the discipline is the study of autism. Now, instead of one general diagnosis of autism, there are many sub-factors that are determined by variants in symptoms and behavioral patterns.

As an expansion into this multifaceted condition opened up new categories and forms of autism, it was first though of as being divided between those who were high-functioning, and those who were hampered by much more severe and life-altering mental disabilities.

Now, since the early 1980’s, further exploration has revealed another category, thus spurring the modern conception of Aspergers Syndrome. People with this syndrome share many qualities of a high-functioning patient with autism, but also characteristically are unusually highly preoccupied with extremely specific subject matter. This is why having high-quality Aspergers schools in the United States is so important.

In order to work with kids to foster these interests, a model for an Aspergers school came into existence. An Aspergers school is an amazing place where those with Aspergers are educated on a path that is more closely connected to their particular interests and needs. Furthermore, they are surrounded by people who are aware of, supportive of, and even sharing in their syndrome in a school for Aspergers, schools for ADHD, and schools for dyslexia..

Out of these Aspergers schools, an interesting development has been tracked which suggest that children with AS who learn and grow in an enriching environment may able to shed some of their characteristic symptoms, and can outgrow the diagnosis entirely. Studies have shown this trend within 20% of children.

Autism is often connected with learning disabilities such as ADHD and dyslexia. While similar in certain observable symptoms, the disorders are very much separate. But because specialty teachers who are experts in their field of learning disabilities, staff in Asperges schools are more than qualified to work with children with many different diagnoses. To learn more, read this:

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