Retaining Wall Facts You Must Know About

A retaining wall is a structural wall designed to resist and prevent any material such as the lateral pressure from soil from sliding. There are several aspects to consider when creating a retaining wall: materials, kind of wall, design or on-site location, drainage, foundations, can’t or batter, and anchors. Additionally, to ensure that you build a strong retaining wall, bury the bottom course or courses one-tenth the height of your wall. Move back from the blocks, rock, or timber to get gravity to work in your favor and prevent tension from bending your wall.

Different reasons can cause your retaining wall to fail, and the most typical sign of wall failure is a crack on the horizontal, vertical, and stair steps. Lack of sufficient reinforcement, poor drainage behind the wall, understructure footing problems, soil expansion, overloading of the wall, construction faults, or other design miscalculations are the causes of these failures.

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The best news is you can incorporate your retaining wall into your beautification lifestyle by creating decorative landscaping features which will enhance your home value. With good design and construction from the experts, your retaining walls will serve you for years because of their low maintenance, space-saving, and environmentally friendly.


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