Everything You Must Know About CNC Machines

The central lubrication system is an important component of CNC machines. The YouTube video, “Central Lubrication System for the CNC,” looks into the mechanism of the CNC lubrication system.

Traditional lubrication methods for the CNC system involve type two lithium greases squeezed into the linear rail carrier chest by a grease press in quantities and intervals determined by the manufacturer. However, in some cases, the grease could break down, leave behind vicious remnants, and introduce dirt into the space designed for ball bearings.

The cnc lubricant, CLP 100, represents an excellent alternative. One of its main advantages is its protection of exposed steel surfaces.

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However, its low viscosity makes it difficult to squeeze out meaningful quantities at decent speeds.

A 30-bar gear pump with a capacitor power source fixes the problem. The pump has a set of clever valves that catch any traces of air before the lubricant is sent out. The valve’s function prevents the pump from failing since air entry impedes lubricant flow.

Although the traditional valves of the 30-bar pump work, they have their limitations. These limitations are overcome by using a progressive valve that maintains equal distribution and lubricant flow.


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