Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors Affect Human Health

Have you ever wondered if the food you eat or the lotion you rub onto your skin is completely safe? Many people blindly trust the chemicals that are used around them on a daily basis, but some well-educated people are bringing their concerns into the public eye. Pesticides and endocrine disruptors found in all kinds of products that the general population uses day in and day out may not be safer for human health.

This video from the Harvard T.

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H. Chan School of Public Health raises concerns about the prevalence of hundreds of endocrine disruptors found in our food and in our personal care products. These chemicals are a public health concern because their use is so widespread. While their effects on individuals may be difficult to notice, their effects on the population as a whole may be easier to track. As people suffer from hormonal imbalances, mood disorders, and other health concerns, could these chemicals be partially to blame for their issues?

Many chemicals in use today have not been thoroughly tested on humans. They can affect the immune system, metabolism, and other essential systems and processes the human body relies on to survive and thrive.


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